Trisha Alicia on The Flashback Show

My guest for today on The Flashback Show is Trisha Alicia, a Chemical Engineer (by training) who’s now a singer, writer + worship leader and living in Music City aka Nashville, TN.
Her single “Believer” which is being pushed to radio nationally has cracked Billboards Top 100. Her debut single in 2016 “Promises” featuring Canton Jones landed her on the Billboard Christian/Gospel Top 100 and Most Added list. Currently nominated for 3 Prayze Factor awards and won various independent music awards in Nashville and New York for her debut cd PIECES.

Please tell me something about yourself
Guest: I’m Trisha Alicia, a Chemical Engineer (by training) who’s now a singer, writer + worship leader and living in Music City aka Nashville, TN.

How was your growing up?

Guest: I had a lot of fun growing up. I have nothing but brothers and education was really put in the forefront… I was very involved in everything. Sports, music (I was in a band), academic clubs, etc.

Tell us more of the things you were doing and why did you decide to focus on music?
Guest: Growing up I did everything I could. I really just liked being out of the house even though initially I was really shy. Sports was an easy go-to, because we (my siblings and I) were really active in that. Music came later in elementary school (about the age of 8). In elementary, I was in band and choir, doing a few specialty/audition-only choirs. I also was a member of my church choir. I continued to study music through the end of high school and chose to major in engineering in college. My grandmother was a published poet, so I had been introduced to creative writing at an early age. I didn’t decide to go into music until I graduated from college. I got a job working as an engineer, which relocated me from New York to Nashville. Once I was in Nashville, I found myself doing more and more music. God challenged me to take a leap of faith and go into music + I did the “crazy” thing, leaving my engineering career behind (even though it wasn’t a very long career at that point, lol), to follow what God said.

When did you start singing?
Guest: Probably before I could talk. lol. Professionally I began singing 2 years ago.

What is your genre of music and why?

Guest: As an artist I chose to create Christian/inspirational music. It was important to me to be able to share my story, influence as many people as I could, and share God in a way that was modern. I didn’t see a lot of examples like the music I make, and I wanted to help be the change. As a songwriter, I work with a lot of different artists and producers to make positive music.

Any challenges?

Guest: There are always challenges in creativity. The biggest one (I believe) is judging the value of your art too soon. Whether you think you’re the next best thing, or the worst artist ever, the challenge to let your art/creativity live and develop free of judgement can be the toughest thing to do. As artists, we’ve all been given a voice that we have to use responsibly. If we’re too wrapped up in ourselves, we’ll never be able to use our art to really do what God created it to do.

Who is your inspiration?
Guest: When my grandmother passed last year, I went into a really deep creative clog. I just didn’t feel inspired to write. I feel like right now, making more music + really pushing myself to be all I can be is what’s driving me; and that’s something that she always talked about from a creative standpoint.

Which song do you think is the best song you have released and why?
Guest: Best is relative! You’re asking me to pick a favorite child. NOT FAIR. LOL. The best song I’ve ever made is the song that gets someone to think about God + Jesus, their destiny or their pain differently. When we begin to have a different perspective, God can come in and begin to transform our hearts… shining through our change.

Tell us about your first time on stage, were you nervous?
Guest: YES. As a shy kid, I was EXTREMELY nervous. The first “major” performance was in a group where we were reciting “The Creation” by James Weldon Johnson. We had rehearsed a LOT, but I was the youngest + I just felt like everyone was looking directly at me.

Any advise for other musicians who feel nervous?

Guest: First, remember that perfect practice makes perfect. Many times you feel nervous because you’re not as prepared as you need to be. Now, after you’ve rehearsed everything lots of times, if you’re still nervous (and not ready to show the room how dope God created you to be), remember that you have power over your emotions. You have to tell yourself that. Take a moment to yourself, steady your breathing and make sure you’re breathing deeply, really expanding the lungs. Then picture your nerves like a ball that you can move. Put that ball of energy into your music. Stretch it out into your voice or how you play your instrument. If all this visualization feels like it’s not working, do some jumping jacks and stretch out your legs and core/hips/trunk area. You’d be amazed at how getting your body moving helps the nerves move as well. Oh yeah, make sure you take a few sips of water. No one needs the burden of dry mouth right before they go up!

Tell us about your best performance?

Guest: The best performances I have are ones where people come up to me, letting me know how much the ministry blessed/touched them, spoke to them or helped them look at what they’re going through differently. And even on those days where no one comes up and says a word, I know that I’m doing what God created me to do… so this assignment was where he wanted me to be.

Which musician would you like to collaborate with and why?

Guest: So many!! I mean I could literally name 10 or 12.. I’d love to work with any of my Christian contemporaries — there’s some AMAZING music coming out for the kingdom. We’re really fortunate to live in this era. And with a nod to the old school, I think it’d be pretty cool to work with Byron Cage, Steve Green or Larnelle Harris. My mom listened to a lot of their music growing up. . From a non-Christian standpoint, I’d love to work with Common. I’ve always been a fan of his art.

Can you brief us on your awards and nominations?

Guest: I’m currently nominated for 3 Prayze Factor awards, I’ve been a Kingdom Image nominee, and I have won various independent music awards in Nashville and New York for my debut CD PIECES.

Your fans would love to hear something on your new release.

Guest: My current releases are two singles — BELIEVER and GREAT THINGS, both of which can be streamed on any digital platform. I loved working on BELIEVER because of the style of music that it is: unapologetic about encouraging believers, but different from the typical delivery that you think of, when you see a female lead. GREAT THINGS is a song that really reflects my journey and my life. Going from a very stable trajectory in engineering, coming over to music was a huge huge leap of faith. It was a crisis of faith because I wasn’t sure how God was going to open doors, or when they’d open. It challenged me all the way around. But, as the song says, I know God has GREAT THINGS in store for me (for all of us), and if we’re willing to stand on that, and not be turned around, he can manifest every good thing that he has for us.That’s what makes GREAT THINGS more than a song. It really is an anthem for all of us. We’ve overcome so much, but there’s SO MUCH in store for us!

If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be?
Guest: I really love interacting and meeting the people I connect with online. Join the mailing list because that’s where I ask questions about their cities, figure out where we should go next. I want to see them when I come to their cities. Hear what restaurants I should eat at… What funny questions I can ask the Lyft drivers, lol.

What should they expect from you?

Guest: Music wise, we’re working on the next project to release, but it’s all really good stuff.

What’s the one question you wished someone should as you doing an interview?

Guest: I wish they’d ask me when can they put me in touch with one of the people who I’ve mentioned I’d like to work with, LOL. No more serious, I think the questions here covered pretty much everything.

How can your fans get in touch with you?

Guest: I’m on all major social media and via my website:
Singer, Songwriter, Poet | Follow Me on Social Media: @iAmTrishaAlicia
New Singles: Believer + Great Things (all digital outlets) :

Give a shutout to anyone

Guest: A shout out to all my LightChasers!!!

Watch full video of believer


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