Dyane Forde on The Flashback Show

My guest for today on The Flashback Show is Dyane Forde, a Canadian writer, author, blogger, and editor. She has self-published 3 books, a fantasy trilogy called Rise of the Papilion, and manage 2 websites on writing-related topics.
Please tell us something about yourself?
Guest: My name is Dyane Forde. I’m a Canadian writer, author, blogger, and editor. I have self-published 3 books, a fantasy trilogy called Rise of the Papilion, and I manage 2 websites on writing-related topics.
In addition, I am a social worker. I studied social work at McGill University in Montreal and have worked at various community groups and government institutions for 20 years. Currently, I work with people with intellectual and physical disabilities and autism.
I am also a Christian, and was saved at the age of 12.
How was your growing up?
Guest: As mentioned above, I was 12 when I came to know the Lord. My family and extended family had grown up in the church—my great grand-mother was a wonderful woman who constantly sang and prayed to the Lord—and they were going through a kind of spiritual renewal at the time. Their renewal was what led to me getting to know the Lord in a personal way.
Being a Christian teenager was difficult. I always went to church and youth group, but I didn’t always follow the Lord. At times, it was hard to admit to friends that I was a Christian because I feared their reaction. But the Lord was never far from me, and He waited patiently, slowly working in my life to draw me back to Him. Over the years, through the good times and the bad times, I have been learning to continually rely on and trust in Him. Every day is a challenge, but I thank Him daily for the blessings He gives and am grateful for what I have.
Tell us some of the things you were doing and why you decided to focus on writing and your ministry?
Guest: The main focus of my writing ministry is the website, Christian Creative Nexus, and its programs and services. The purpose of the website is to help Christians understand and appreciate the creative gifts and talents God has given them, as well as the necessity of using them in His service. One way I do this is by writing articles, guest posting, and sharing insights and encouragement on the website and social media. Another is by posting the work that people submit, such as stories, articles, interviews, art, etc. This way, Christian creatives are using/sharing their gifts to bless others, and the website provides them with a platform to reach larger audiences.
One new project I’m working on is a free, digital, Christian literary fiction and arts magazine called Lost Pen Magazine. The theme of the first issue is deep unto deep (inspired by Psalm 42:7). The goal is to go above what the website can do in terms of content and reach by publishing the best work of Christian creatives in a product format (magazine) that is easy to distribute, thereby potentially reaching more people for Christ.
Another piece of this puzzle, and what makes the magazine possible, is that I recently studied to become an editor. Helping people transform their raw material writing into something that clearly and easily communicates their message is very important to me. Most people don’t like editing their work, or they have trouble doing it, so I am pleased to be able to help in this way. The name of my business is Focus Writing Services.
Any challenges?
Guest: It’s difficult to be patient when you have a God-driven project burning in your heart. Sometimes, there are so many options to pursue it’s hard to know which ones to try and which to leave behind. And, it’s easy to get burned out or frustrated when things don’t turn out as expected.
Also, I am still working full-time at my job, which limits my time and energy. Having a family is another important part of my life, and it can be difficult to balance family, work, business, and ministry. Finding this balance is extremely important because I want to be a good steward.
But the Lord is good. He gives me wisdom when I ask, opens and closes doors at the right time, and protects me from making huge mistakes. I am extremely grateful: I believe His careful guidance and intervention proves that He cares.
What is your ministry about?
Guest: This is taken directly from the Christian Creative Nexus website:
The Vision: Since March 2018, my goal has been to inspire, motivate, encourage, and equip believers to see their gifts as more than tools to give themselves pleasure or to earn a living; they can become tools of change. I believe that if we give ourselves and our gifts to the Lord, He can transform them into powerful, anointed tools that can change lives and change the world.
Everything in this world is based on writing: TV scripts, movie scripts, advertising; we think in word-thoughts. We know that words influence our beliefs and actions. If every Christian writer believed they are called to a higher purpose than simply pleasing themselves or gaining success in the world’s eyes, and if they acted on that belief, God would have access to the writers who could best represent Him and His kingdom to the world—His own children. That, to me, in an incredible dream. The potential of that dream is beyond what I can imagine, but it is what God has stamped on my heart.
Who or what inspired you to set up this ministry?
Guest: I can’t say that anyone in particular inspired me. I have always had a desire to help people (which is why I became a social worker), but I was looking for ways to help the Church. After the challenges I experienced being a Christian writer in the world (click for details), I felt it was necessary to have a place where believers could be encouraged, supported and spiritually fed, as well as have a place to share their work and interact with their audiences. After a few bumps in the road and a false start, the Christian Creative Nexus and Focus Writing Services were born.

How can other people benefit from your ministry?

Guest: The idea behind the Christian Creative Nexus website is to provide Christian creatives of all levels with opportunities to share their voices with the world. I feel like too many want to share their gifts but are intimidated by the idea, or they’ve tried to and have been refused, or they are having trouble reaching new audiences. I wanted to help by making the process easier. By submitting articles, stories, book reviews, art, and more to the website via a simple submission process, creatives can become part of a dynamic group of believers activating and sharing their gifts.

I also write articles and other content to help believers recognize the importance of using their gifts for God’s kingdom.

The Lost Pen Magazine is a little different from the website, as I want to produce a publication with wide-reach and a reputation for excellence—evidence that Christians can be creative and produce top-notch work. I believe God expects His people to work hard and to produce good work, as what we make reflects on Him.

What strategies do you use to reach out to your audience?

Guest: I use the CCN website and its newsletter, Facebook Pages and Groups, Instagram, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, and personal contacts to build influence and reach.

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

Guest: My greatest fear for a long time was disappointing God. I was afraid of messing up and ultimately letting Him down. But over these last few months, God has been showing me His favor in my Bible reading and meditation times, and He has been opening doors and providing help, which have confirmed that He is with me.

Tell us something brief about your book

Guest: Berserker is the third book in my adult fantasy trilogy, Rise of the Papilion. It’s the conclusion of a story about redemption, coming to terms with your life’s purpose and the sacrifices that come with it, and finding healing in the process. The cover might look scary, but it’s a fantasy story rooted in Christian themes that explores good and evil. The Berserker on the cover illustrates a character’s fallen state, leaving readers to question if he will overcome the darkness or if he’ll be swallowed by it.

Here’s the blurb:

“Love…can destroy, it can build, or it can do both at once…”

With the Papilion’s whereabouts unknown, the Shadow pursues its plan for Marathana’s destruction. In control of the Northern tribes and strengthened by allies in the Deep Southernlands, the Shadow prepares to unleash its ultimate weapon, the berserker.

Jeru’s sudden reappearance reveals the presence of a powerful, new will at work. Blessed by the Lightbearer and supported by a ragtag group of survivors and unexpected allies, Jeru prepares to lead the small army into enemy territory.

As war breaks, Kelen and Jeru clash one last time. One seeks to destroy, the other to save. The strongest will prevail, sealing Marathana’s ultimate fate.

Where can people get this book and other books you have written?

Guest: The books can be found on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079TWRT7Q/ref=series_rw_dp_sw

Any advice for the youth?

Guest: Trust your future to God. He is the only one who will always be true to you and have your back.

Any other dreams apart from what you are doing now?

Guest: Lol I have my hands full with what I’m doing now. But it’d be nice to see my freelance business growing and the Nexus developed into a bigger project with more services and support for creatives.

What difference have you made?

Guest: Believers I meet online are very grateful for the opportunities I am making for creatives to shine and to share their gifts. That means a lot to me. It’s proof that people are looking for what the Nexus is offering.

If you were to write a book about yourself, how would you name it?

Guest: The Rock. In preparing me to be where I am today, I have struggled with and overcome a lot. But the Lord made me strong and I endured. A little worse for wear, maybe, but I survived. 🙂

How can people contact you

Guest: Christian Creative Nexus website and newsletter sign-up: https://deliatalent.wordpress.com/

Lost Pen Magazine: https://deliatalent.wordpress.com/lost-pen-magazine/

Twitter: @deliatalent

Instagram: @christian.creative.nexus

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ChristianCreativeNexus/

Email: deliatalent@gmail.com

Before we go, brief us about your magazine.

Guest: The magazine will be the realization of a dream.

For a long time, I struggled to find a place for my writing which often straddled genre and literary fiction. As book clubs and magazines began popping up for Christian romance, speculative fiction, and fantasy it seemed there wasn’t much out there for writers and readers of short fiction and poetry that dealt with Christian themes in a thoughtful, reflective manner that didn’t involve aliens, zombies, or two starry-eyed lovers trying to find their way to each other against all odds. Also, digital magazines are easy to distribute, which appealed to my desire to feature and share top-quality writing pieces and visual art.

So, I decided to create my own digital magazine to provide a platform for the ‘lost voices’ of Christian literary fiction writers, poets, and artists. People have been very enthusiastic about the vision and I am excited to complete the project.

Fun part

Question: I am an odd number. Take away one letter and I become even. What number am I?

Guest: Seven

Answer: Seven

Question: What 5-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?Guest: Short

Answer: Short

Question: What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in one thousand years?

Guest: ‘M’

Answer: M

Question: What gets bigger and bigger the more you take away from it?

Guest: A hole

Answer: hole

You can visit the link below to watch her video….


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