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Our guest for today on The Flashback Show is Niky the CEO/ founder of “Weview” from Iran. She was a translator and researcher in an online tourism magazine and later became interested with places and events around the world, which she knew she could not see personally. Just like many people in third world countries who can’t be eligible for visa or don’t have the money to travel abroad.
That’s why she came up with this app (Weview)

Please tell us something about yourself? 
Guest: My name in Niky Anique from Iran. I’m passionate about making the world a better place since I started to knowing myself.
Well, I had good education opportunities, my parents cared a lot about it.
 I was part of “konkur” art competition in Iran about 10 years ago for thousands participants. which I took the 125th position.  I also learn English as a hobby (Self taught).
 Tell us about your app?
Guest: Weview app is a virtual tourism app which helps people to make money via video calls, while they are increasing their knowledge and also connecting with other people around the world.
In this app you could be the guide, the tourist, or both. Assume that you want to see a historical place, cultural event or something that seems interesting to you and is around them. You, as a tourist, pays the guide to show you what exactly you want, with explanation or details of the place or event and they will be your personal guide in somewhere you can’t be.
Each tourist pays a fee per hour to the guide. The fees will be in dollars and each person pays and the money will be in his/her local currency. Each tourist rate the guide who shows them around. This rate is based on the information they gave, the time and the accuracy on what their doing. Tourists get rate too, by their manners and behaviours. The amount of payment could be in two ways.
A. People turn that to cash money and
B. They keep it as a credit in their account. This account could help them, if they want to see somewhere in another country and by their own currency, it can be so expensive. So, maybe someone already pays them in dollars, and they can pay by dollar in their credit, without paying extra for currency difference.
 How did you come up with the name for your app?
Guest: Well, It was a suggestion of a friend who support me a lot in this field. When she said that, I actually thought that it has the spirit of what we want to happen in the app.
How did you get the idea  of creating your own app?
Guest: The idea of Weview came to my mind about a year ago, and since then I tried to submit it on Kickstarter and also Ideaswatch. Recently I took part in a competition and this was the place that I decided to open my Instagram Page and announce it to the public. I spend so much time on promoting my idea and its features for a sustainable future.
 Any challenge?
Guest: Yes, many people around the world don’t want to work with us, because we are located in Iran. That is really ironic because it is like they say nothing good can come out of there. The Davison company in Pittsburgh, USA, actually wanted to build the app for us, but we couldn’t afford the price.
What was your key driving force to create this app?
Guest: During the time that I was working in an online tourism magazine, I was fascinated by many touristic places or cultural events around the world, which I knew I could not go and visit personally. Like me, many people in third world countries can’t travel abroad because of visa situations or expensive cost of this kind of travels. In the other hand, many people from first world countries think that third world ones are less amusing or not safe enough. Weview is a platform to connect these people and help them to know each other more brightly. Also, many people from third world countries don’t have access to opportunities as the first world does. With Weview, when people from third world countries can make good money through the app, they will have more time to spend on other things, improve their lives and participate in other opportunities as well as first world countries.
 What was your greatest fear, and how did you manage it.
Guest: My greatest fear was someone with money, more facilities and more connections will take my idea and run it without my knowledge. Finally I found out that if I start to share it with the world, the copyright would be mine as long as I am the first one who brought it on the table. If anyone make a copy of it, I have public proofs that I was the one who came up with this idea first.
What difference will your app bring on board?
Guest: Well my app will be an opportunity for people that can’t have access to money, to increase their income based on improving their knowledge. The best part is that countries that have a huge currency can have income in Dollar and will have a great amount with their currency. Someone asked me why a first world tourist who can travel or go to any place pay someone to see a certain place in video calls?
I answered, first reason may be that the tourist thinks that country is not safe based on News report.
The second reason would be the amount in Dollar which is so cheap, like 10 Dollar per hour. And also, tourist can make connection with locals of where they want to travel in future.
Also, not everything in tourism is about places, it is also about special events around the world which even tourists can’t visit them all.
Tell us some of the features this will have.
Guest: Well it contains many futures that make the work easy for people. Like we help them to know more about the places around them and their culture by articles in their language.
We would use online translation system to make the communication easy. We will have features that people who have access to Quarter copter can show natural, beautiful landscapes views for other people.
People can also connect their phone to their TV to see video calls in bigger screen. People who think they have something interesting around them which not many others know about, can promote it in our platform and inform others to join video calls to see it. We also have features for the money part, which is if you don’t want to spend the money that you made, you can keep it in your account and use it when you want to see another place (around the world).
 In this case, people in the third world countries don’t have to pay extra for exchange.
Are you open for sponsors?
Guest: Sure, of course. But I don’t want to have a sponsor who will fully pay for my project. I want to borrow money from one or more one sponsors, and pay them back via an agreement, in a scheduled time with profit.
How can someone contact or get in touch with you for partnership or sponsorship?
Guest: Everyone can reach me via our Instagram page with the name of weview_app. They can send me a message as well.
Any feedback from people who have read the synopsis of this app?
Guest: Yes, many people told me that this app would be very helpful, not only because it will make them  know more about other countries and cultures, also because it urges them to know about their own culture too. Many of them said that they will use it when I launch it.
What’s the one question you wished someone should ask you about your app?
Guest: How can I use or benefit from this app?
And my answer will be ‘You can show me what you like and I will show you what you would love’.
Any advice for upcoming app developers?
Guest: Try to make something out of what already exist in the market, and combine them in a new way.
 How can we contact you 
Guest: Visit, comment or follow us on Instagram at weview_app
And on Facebook

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