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Sometimes all you have to do is to surprise someone with a beautiful artwork from Jake Pencil

Surprise your love ones, contact Jake Pencil for either pencil or charcoal drawing at

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Mina’s Jollof

Are you tired of eating tasteless foods?
Are you too busy to cook?
Do you want something special and affordable?

Then worry no more.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you “Mine’s Jollof.”

Just like how salt is different from sugar, that is how Mina’s jollof is different from others. Try it and thank me later.

Call or whatsapp them on 0554072021

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Life Lessons

Hello, lovely people, kindly check this out. Shailly featured me on this poem

Life Lessons

You just need to walk,
In order to stand.
You just need to hold your head high,
To plan your flight.
You need a lot of tears,
To wipe off your dead skin cells,
which were creating chaos to your healthy skin.

You don’t have to voice out every word
Just paint a picture
Why aim for the tail when you can be the head?
It’s okay to be a student in order to become a teacher

Ever you been in chaos?
No, you’d be fearful.
Ever tried to stop a while?
No, you’d neither want to lag behind.
Ever did dare to change the norms?
You need to step against the road.
No, you won’t have that nerve.

When you’re tired, take a break
But don’t wait for your shadow to make a move first
You’re standing in front of your mirror, and you’re still seeing someone else
Just because you doubt yourself

Don’t be scared, pray and arise

Shailly ft Noble

Instagram: @shaillymaheshwari ////@noble_nwg

Unlocked Magazine: Categories

Unlocked magazine

Unlocked Magazine is a digital fashion magazine that is opened to every designer around the world to submit their works.
For the past few months, we realized we have a lot of young and talented designers in the fashion industry that can change or make a big difference in fashion, but they don’t have the support needed or exposure. And it’s not easy for a young designer or underground designer to be featured in the big screen. Because of this and other challenges, we decided to come out with a digital fashion magazine that is opened to both professionals and young designers as they throw more light on their work. This will promote designers, help or motivate other young designers to learn and also try something new.

This is not just a fashion magazine to show just designs, but this is to take fashion to another level if possible.

Even though this is the maiden edition, we have received some designs from different countries.
Submission is free.

Our categories include:

African or traditional designs
Office wear
Casual wear
Formal wear
Accessories (shoes, beads, jewelleries, etc)
Creative designs
Others (Others include designs which are not part of the above categories)

For more information, to support or to submit your works, kindly email us at aacquahnobel@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Where We Came From

I featured Ekuba on this poem, don’t forget to kindly share if you can. You can message me for a collaboration if you’re interested.

Thank you.

Where we came from

Where we came from, there was no expectations that’s why we were never disappointed
Where we came from, “failure” is just a booster to keep us going
Where we came from, impossible is unknown
Where we came from, the more we lose, the stronger we become

It gets tough but we never give up
Just because of where we came from
Life throws arrows each day but we survive
Just because of where we came from

We come from the family of sheep, yet lions of terror are scared to ambush us
We come from the top of the mountain, we’re not afraid of height
We come from the battlefield, fear is skin deep, we walk through deadly claws and teeth

They say every great destiny comes with a price
Giving up on the price is not an option because
We were born to fulfil our destinies, our purpose
A life lived without fulfilment is a life wasted

Where we came from, no matter how fast you run, how big the gap is, we will walk to overrun you. We only run when we want to fly

Now tell me, where do you come from?

Freestyle by: Noble ft Ekuba


Meet Shailly

Hello, lovely people, kindly meet Shailly, a graphic designer/artist with experience of 2 years in designing. She is working as a professional logo designer at the same time providing branding solutions to corporate agencies and clients. To her “simplicity and minimalism are the knack of good design”
Assuring to provide creative logos with great dedication.

Kindly visit the link below to connect with her for your graphic works.


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Dyane Forde On The Flashback Show

Hello lovely people,
Our guest for today on The Flashback Show is Dyane Forde CEO of Lost Pen Magazine. She is a Canadian writer, author, blogger, and editor. She has self-published 3 books, a fantasy trilogy called Rise of the Papilion, and manage 2 websites on writing-related topics.

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